Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So today we tried something new. I am battling a cold and I am also very behind at work and my dad (R) was really hoping to get out of the house and play golf. We decided that my mom (M) is often on her very best behaviour with my sweet 16 year old son (A), and he is also desperately in need of cash. So we tasked A with watching M and maybe doing some yard work while he was at their house.

As I often do, I texted him throughout the day to see what was happening. Following is a transcript of our texts:

Me: how's it going, pal?
A: its alright i'm having a hard time with the yard work because she doesn't want to take a nap but she says she's too tired to come outside.
Me:it's ok. Just keep her happy. If the yard doesn't get done just leave papa a note why. xoxoxo
A: ok =)

A few hours later....
cute just M poured me a glass of wine LOL LOL LOL
Me: So so funny. But you can't drink it :) ! And I hate to say this but she can't have hers either - much too early for her to be having wine, bud. Pour some out and then move it. She'll probably forget about it.
A: ha ha I won't and I'll try.

So I still have to hear the rest of the story but I'm reassured to know that my mom has not forgotten her manners - even though she forgot the time of day and the fact that her grandson is only 16, she still remembered to share!